Original K9-Powerharness VS. Julius IDC®-Powerharness

julius k9 versus idc power

Main differences between K9-Powerharness (1997) and IDC®-powerharness (2010):

  1. Reflective chest strap of the IDC®-Powerharness is lower on the chestbone, so it does not put pressure on the neck of the dog
  2. The strap under the chest of an IDC®-Powerharness is rectangular and sporty, the buckle is now at a higher point of the body, so it doesn't effect the mobility of the front legs
  3. The saddle part of the IDC®-Powerharness covers a smaller surface on the side of the dog
  4. The label of the IDC®-Powerharness is fixed diagonally, it gives a better visibility from any angles
  5. There is a new, safer solution to close the handle of every IDC®-Powerharnesses from 0 size
  6. There are torch holders on the most practical parts of IDC®-Powerharnesses from 0 size