Original K9® Powerharness VS. IDC® Powerharness

julius k9 versus idc power

Differences between K9® Powerharnesses (1997) and IDC® Powerharnesses (2010):

  1. The reflective chest straps of IDC® Powerharnesses are formed that way to minimize the load on the neck of the dog.
  2. The reflective chest straps of IDC® Powerharnesses are sweeping upward to the direction of the leash holder ring and in case of using the right size they make the throat of the dog more free.
  3. The saddle part of IDC® Powerharnesses much less covers the side part of the dog.
  4. The message which can be fastened to IDC® Powerharnesses can be easily seen sidewards and from above.
  5. Size 0 and larger IDC® Powerharnesses have safer rubber strap grip fixings.
  6. Size 0 and larger IDC® Powerharnesses are provided with torch holders.

So IDC® harness is the upgraded version of K9® Powerharness. The water-repellent K9® Powerharness with hook & loop patches and reflective elements also contains everything we need for everyday walk with our dog. You should consider both types to choose from, because for special dog shapes K9® Powerharness can be more fitting. Both harnesses can be the perfect choice, if we would like to make everyday doggy moments to be more beautiful by using a heavy-duty and quality harness.

Either of them is chosen, IDC® or K9® Powerharness, the use of dog harness equipments is recommended on both types of harnesses, in any stages of the growth of the dog. By putting dog harness equipments on a dog, we will get a steady load distribution and a more stable chest strap and hereby we can ensure a more comfortable wear for our dog.